English Summer Course 2018, International People’s College (IPC)

“Bye Bye”

“See you, have a safe trip back home”

“Thank you, give me a hug”

“Bye Bye…”

“Huu….” I sighed and smiled staring at the backs of people who were leaving IPC one by one; who have somehow become my friends  within three weeks as well.

“People do not meet by chance, but for some reasons. At last, however, they will leave each other.”

“But we’ve built friendship not only between each others, also families and countries. “Friends don’t kill each other” is what has inspired me in one of morning fellowships, even though I can’t remember who specifically said that. It might be something that IPC is intended for.”

I was already opening my room door when consciousness woke me up from thoughts. I laid down in the bed, put my hands on the chest and evoked the past.


Arriving to International People’s College ( https://ipc.dk )

It was about 7 am when the plane landed to Copenhagen Airport. “Well ultimately, now here I am”, I said to myself mutely and nervously. The sun was geared up for its shiniest part of the day. This summer would be the hottest in this century for Danes.

I took train from airport to central station and altered to another train. Trains are on time and systematic. It reminded me of the ones in Myanmar. I got off the train and looked for the bus heading to Helsingor. I saw an Asian girl who seemed looking for something with large luggage. I then found a bus heading to Helsingor, which she also approached and tried to place her bag into the luggage compartment.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes…yes” and I helped her with that luggage.

“Where are you going”




“Wow…I am also going to IPC. Nice to meet you.  I’m Nyi Nyi Zaw from Myanmar.”

“Yeah…I am Nguyen from Vietnam, nice to meet you”

I was so cheerful to meet my very first student fellow. Then we took bus together and arrived to IPC around 10 am. There was a little welcome banner at the gate of the school. We were the first students arriving to the school, and welcomed by Nicolaj who is an amazing man.

I took a nap in the room, which was allocated by the school, for some hours. In the afternoon, I have got a room mate named Wan, who is a nice man from South Korea. Dinner is always set at 6 pm and there were a lot of students from all over the world, but largely from Japan. Students have been brought into contact with the school and its core values, Helsingor and the English classes, after the dinner.

English Classes with Hamlet ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamlet )

Frankly, I was still confused with Japanese names and Korean names up to the course was completed. In next day, as students were divided into six groups based on their results on English placement test, we started our English classes with respective teachers. I was placed in Ewelina’s class with another 10 classmates. Ewelina is one of the greatest teachers I have ever met.

“Ewelina’s talking about present, perfect, body, idioms, past, simple, and do your home works” was what we had made as lyrics in a song and performed at the farewell night. It obviously reflected of what we had to learn in the class. But there was still one more thing. It was Hamlet. We played Hamlet game. We learned Hamlet story even in the class. We watched Hamlet movie. We watched Hamlet play in Chinese version at Kronborg Castle.

Playing Hamlet game (Photo Credit: Song Lee)

Speaking of Hamlet, we firstly had to watch Hamlet movie in Lecturer Hall with English speaking and subtitle, but to be frank, I didn’t perceive at all. A few days later on, we had to watch Hamlet play at Kronborg Castle, but in Chinese version. It was a great opportunity to watch this, but except I didn’t understand anything. It was more complicated for me to understand Hamlet than memorizing Japanese and Korean names. But after all that, we started using the word “Let’s take revenge” when we played Ping Pong, Football, and Floor-ball etc.

Ewelina’s English Class

English summer course was full of excitements. I also had a chance to meet with former IPC students. They were having summer project at IPC at that time. They inspired me with their strong commitment upon IPC.

Tours, Excursion, and Tours

We had a tight schedule with many tours which were arranged by the school. Two days after our arrival to IPC, we were led by teachers to have a walk around Helsingor. There was a guided tour to Copenhagen in next day. We visited museums, churches, castles, and also had a canal tour in Copenhagen which was a great experience. We also had excursion to North Zealand : Tegner’s Museum, Frederiksborg Castle, and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and a visit to Kingo houses and Helsinborg, Sweden.

With our own lunch packs prepared by the school, tours were made in different days to different places by bus, by boat, and sometimes by walk. A visit to Helsinborg, Sewden, was not only the last trip we as one had in the summer course, also time to say goodbye to some friends.

Morning Fellowship

Everyday in summer course was begun with the Morning Fellowship. We usually sang songs, presented news and made announcements. In the beginning of summer course, presenting news was led by Nikolaj, but later on, students were divided into groups and assigned to present the news in the morning fellowship. It was a privilege for me to have presented about Myanmar’s 8888 Uprising, as it was commemorated as the 30th anniversary on August 8, 2018 in Myanmar; when it turned to the group of mine to present the news.

Students presenting news (Photo Credit: Song Lee)

Conversation Cafe

One of the activities in summer course that I relished most was the conversation cafe. We talked many different topics within separated groups, and that led us to a deep conversation  and made us closer to one another. There were sometimes Dane guests calling on IPC to have conversation with us. I would say that it was a superb idea to get to know more about Danish cultures. Besides, plenty of compulsive life stories popped up from the students throughout the conversation cafes. It was also interesting to share why we have chosen IPC.

Conversation Cafe (Photo Credit: Rod )

Singing Club and Meeting with a Danish Artist/Performer

My favorite part in IPC is singing. I didn’t know that I have to sing everyday in IPC before. But, I realized that singing is a part of Danish Folk High Schools’ cultures. I was always curious about what songs we were going to sing in the morning fellowship.

Of many activities I went through in summer course, as being a music lover, meeting with a danish artist/performer was an inspirational. Soren, principle of IPC, himself is an artist/performer. He is known as Danish Aladdin. It was a surprise schedule for the students. I, myself in fact, am passionate in singing, on top of that I am the one who loves to listen to good singing people. There are two people I know who sing marvelously to me; one is undoubtedly Soren and another one is Ko Pai Soe who rocks powerfully.

He, Soren, shared his life story with us, for instance; how he became interested in music, how he started doing music and has become artist/performer, how he was chosen for Aladdin by Disney production, and how he has become a Principle at IPC etc. He then sang a lot of songs both in English and Danish. I sometimes got goosebumps when he sang high notes. He inspired me with his life story, and with his super amazing voice as well. This went as an inspirational experience for me, as a music lover.

Meeting with a Danish Artist/Performer, Soren

Farewell Dinner/Party/Certification

As time flies really fast and many things came up, I couldn’t be aware of the fact that it came to the end of the summer course. Everything was set in the common room for the farewell night. Everyone looked excited for the last day, with our own prepared performances. But, we had firstly been given certificates for the completion of the summer course by Soren, Rod, and Nikolaj.

Some performances presented by each group of students were inventively hilarious, and some evoked nostalgic memories of the past three weeks. Long conversations between those who’d stay for Autumn Term and those who’d leave IPC and embark on a new journey manifested sign of a strong attachment to one another, and of course, fairly grief.

Me, receiving Certificate for the completion of the Summer Course

On the 15th August 2018, I woke up a bit early than the other previous days and attended the morning fellowship. I didn’t remember what specifically came up in the morning fellowship. But I kept waiting in the common room to say goodbye to those who were leaving, one by one.

I sighed and smiled staring at the backs of people who were leaving IPC.

“People do not meet by chance, but for some reasons. At last, however, they will leave each other.”

“But we’ve built friendship not only between each others, also families and countries. “Friends don’t kill each other” is what has inspired me in one of morning fellowships, even though I can’t remember who specifically said that. It might be something that IPC is intended for.”

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