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I am Nyi Nyi Zaw from Myanmar or Burma. I love music; it lasts longer than any other things I care about. I like being alone, listening to music, reading with a cup of coffee, and trying to write something unless I  am with the people with a positive mind, a kind heart, a nice humor and the children. Anyhow, I believe that everyone has something to teach me regardless of I like it or not. So I learn from people, and I know things. I, therefore, am growing as a person. I hereby thank to all the people I have met in my life for having something for me.

This is what I call a study diary. I try to write my study experiences in English which is not my mother tongue just to share with my friends from around the world. I feel really good to write in English not because I am good at English, but because I don’t really know what most of all words I used in the writings exactly mean. Lol….

But, I hope you enjoy reading my study diary.

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