The first biggest challenge for me in IPC

Since I was about 5 years old, I was sent to primary school as every parent did to every child. Every student in Myanmar has to study the same six subjects: Myanmar, English, Mathematics, Geography, History and Science, before starting High School. High school students choose one of 2 tracks upon entering high school: science … Continue reading The first biggest challenge for me in IPC


Dining with a Dane and Networking Dinner at IPC

Of the many programs initiated by IPC, Dining with a Dane, which occured on the 20th September 2018, was an initiative that the school had never done before. The school launched this event on Facebook and perhaps among other networks as well. Thirty two local families from in and out of the town signed up to host IPC students for dinner.

English Summer Course 2018, International People’s College (IPC)

"But we've built friendship not only between each others, also families and countries. "Friends don't kill each other" is what has inspired me in one of morning fellowships, even though I can't remember who specifically said that. It might be something that IPC is intended for."

A new dream has brought me another new dream

On the 18th of October 2017, I was on the plane heading to the Philippines. The air-hostess was demonstrating in-flight safety and I was cautiously looking at her in order to be aware of lifesaving myself in case of air crash. It was my very first time traveling abroad and second time of riding plane … Continue reading A new dream has brought me another new dream